Style Week Los Angeles 

If you haven’t notice I’m a fashion junkie and I got the chance to attend Style week Los Angeles as press media in West Hollywood. Originally I was only attending to watch Mint Swim by Designer Draya but Media check in was at 5. As I checked in the event I begin to wonder around the Style week LA event to get a understanding of what access I had and man did I have access to everything it was beautiful the set up was very high quality. The coordinator really knows how to put together a fashion event the fact it was outside wasn’t an issue at all. I had great seating and they provided me with my own hookah, water and many other things being invited as media.

Mint swim was the main event I was covering and It was a success I enjoyed every piece from her one pieces to her cover ups, She had animal print, metallics, fringe ,off the shoulder pieces and so much more, even the music took me back to my old booty shaking days as the mint swim models opened up to ( Beyoncé’s hit single Ring the alarm,Goodies by Ciara, Milk shake by Kelis & Going down by Young Joc . Now that’s a throwback track for you. Mint Swim pieces were very classy but risky and sexy at the same time. You can tell Draya really got in touch with her creative side designing her S/S 18’ line.



Chucky Heel Vs Stiletto Heel

Owning your own retail store you get ask plenty of questions like; What’s trending & Does this make my butt look big but there’s one question I find very interest What heel do I prefer . If I had to answer it honestly I’d have to say the chunky heel ALL DAY, but I love a nice stiletto pump with some ripped jeans “ YES!”. 

The only thing about the stiletto heel is they come with rules and guidelines. You have to know if the event you are attending has a seating area & no long magical walks on the beach. I’m sorry you chose this for yourself fashion takes no prisoners only the strong survive, I’m just being honest. It’s like stilettos come with a expiration time. Maybe it’s only me but if you stand or walk in them for to long that calf starts to give out and the stiletto heel starts to turn in and now your walking around looking like Bambi when he was first born ( Not a good look TRUST ME) so I suggest you
1. Know where you going 

2. Check for seating arrangements 

3. Avoid gravel or uneven ground 

4. Walk with confidence (even if your feet hurt)
Tip : 

Walking in heels take time and practice so don’t be afraid to play around the house in a pair you don’t feel to comfortable in. 

Muse Trends 


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Fall Movie Date Style 

So you got asked  out on a movie date congratulations! Now the next big step.         “ What am I going to wear “ ? When I got ask on my first movie date I was so nervous about “What to wear”  because well, one I liked the guy and two I wanted him to respect me as the lady Iam. Which is always important living in this society now days with women who wear strings for outfits outside the strip club I mean there’s a time and place for everything I’m just being honest. 
The way you style your look says a lot about who you are. I mean you dont walk up talking about yourself, how obnoxious right ? So your look is very important because it speaks for you, especially when dating men these days. 
If your a girl like me, then the sexy but not to sexy more like “sexy classy” would be a look for you ,you know like if Beyoncé and Rihanna had a baby yeah that look. Then these looks below would be some suggestions for your fall movie date outfit. 

Look 1 
Look 2 

Look 3 

  1. Look 4

Comment below about your movie date look. 

You’re not Overdressed 

You ever meet up with your friends to attend an event or actually show up to the event and you see everyone’s kind of causally dressed and your in heels and a pencil skirt? Well that’s me half of the time so don’t feel alone. What we actually realize is there’s no such thing as “Overdressed “ I like to call it “ Fashionably tuned in” . In the past I always felt overdressed. Until one day I noticed that’s just who Iam. 
Knowing that Individuality is something you have to be thankful for because it makes you stand out in a crowd. For me It attracted the people I needed, like potential business partners due to my sense of style and grace, ( Law of Attraction Much ?) . At times I felt like hiding when I figured out everyone was staring at “ The girl in heels” but eventually I learned to own my style because it made me who Iam , it also helped my fashion career as a wardrobe stylist. So I guess being Fashionably Tune In wasn’t so bad after all right ? 
Having confidence is the key factor in your “ I’m overdressed experience “ learning to embrace you as an individual and your style is a huge process too, I had to get use to. So my advice to my other Fashionably Tune In people is , you have to be ready for a few things like; 
* Everyone staring at you  

* receiving comments you sometimes aren’t ready for.

* Prepare to be copied and envied .
Most of all be ready to feel confident once you own up to who you are. Confidence and style is everything. 

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